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This is study of feelings transfered to the digital universe. Passed through the prism of network and back. Art is a bridge between the endless network activity, immaterial, and Us limited to one place at the same time, physicality.
No form in postmodernism. Tatara passing through the digitization path through illustration, photography, animation. Staggered a big halo and came back to the starting point where the paint on the canvas becomes the primary means of his expression.
This paradox. Translation of information from the network to which we devote the blink of an eye to something that is permanent as Picture ( which we devote a lot more time in the museum ) Picture that over time becomes eternal masterpiece. This is what Tatara choose to do. Capture something that is temporary, ephemeral, and more. Something that deserves to perceive beauty, but have no chance for that, because it’s digital. Something on the computer, tablet, mobile phone. Showing the essence of our time. Shows elusive, unnoticed. Accelerating culture, exceeds the limits, reinterprets.
It is like a journey in space digitization era, where we do not know what is real / virtual, present / absent. Where rules excitement, hybridity, the noise of civilization, the language of the global village.
FEAR of post-humanity. FEAR that it will disappear completely just like ON / OFF