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Series: Exodus

Title: ”Le Cadeau" (Eng: Gift)

Size: ~ 200 cm (~6’5”)
Type: Installation: Various bullet jackets
Technique: Mixed media
Date: 2017

Installation I have made since September 2016 to April 2017 as a part of my Exodus project. Original proportion (1:80) Eiffel Tower made from 5555 used bullet jackets from various guns. 24 modules attached to build a 200 cm (6'5") tall structure.
Front view

"Le Cadeau" is 200cm (6'5") tall tower made out of various types used bullet jakets.
Detail one
Detail two
Installing process

Tower is made out of 24 modules attached together.
Bullet jackets

Total amount of shells used in installation is 5555
Orgins of a project

"Les vendeurs tour eiffel" around most popular spots on tourist map of Paris.