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Color Studies

Oil on canvas 92x72 cm

Color Studies. Colour theories are fascinating topic for me, same as they ware for Vincent Van Gogh back in his time. That’s why I decide to start my series using his Sunflowers works, analyse them and create my own studies based on colours. It become very interesting to do such simple thing as disintegration of artwork just to see pure colour scheme and compare them to other settings made by same author, on same topic and same composition. I decide to use original Sunflowers size as in his pieces, 92x72 cm and set them together as a diptych. That way of seeing those repetition together allow us to see and compare colour compositions he have made.

First thing I did was divnisioning eight different major colours that are present at painting. Analysing them using web engine colour summariser. Next step was to convert them to NCS colour values and then use those parameters to prepare specific paint in colour laboratory. I decide to use horizontal stripes in combination as it goes from top: 2-4-6-8-7-5-3-1. Setting biggest percentage value stripe at the bottom of a painting.
Sunflowers 4rd version

Percentage division of a painting 23%; 21%; 16%; 14%; 11%; 6%; 3%; 2%
Sunflowers repetition of 3rd version

Percentage division of a painting 17%; 16%; 15%; 14%; 13%; 10%; 8%; 4%