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Facewood Series
Acrylic on lasercut wood

Facewood is a reaction to the way in which virtual communities affect our lives today. Since my work is a reflection of digitization, gestures (Like, Dislaike), content (Present), feelings (Couple), disability (Socially disabled) could be said that the path passed from the reality to be digitized and processed back to the reality of the world under the revised figure . We are Ultra-Social?
Dislike / 19x12
Socially Disabled / 40x37
Dialogue / 20x20
Photo / 30x40
Plus 1 / 40x37
News Feed / 40x30
Mobile / 20x13
Couple 40x28
Discussion / 30x40
Like / 20x19
Gift / 39x33
Friday 13 / 38x37